As Şifa Construction, we develop safe and quality real estate projects within the scope of our build-sell contracting services.

These special projects, which we have designed on the lands we own in regions that stand out with their environmental advantages, are designed in accordance with the needs and expectations of modern life. We carry out all processes with great care, from project construction to turnkey delivery. We pay attention to the quality of materials and workmanship at every stage in the comfortable residences we design and in workplace projects that increase productivity.

Our main goal within the scope of our build-sell contracting services is to design projects with high quality of life and high investment return. For this reason, our real estate projects are preferred by local and foreign investors as well as individuals who want to lead a good life.

While implementing our build-and-sell projects, we consider not only human life, but also environmental conditions. We see nature as the basis of a sustainable life.

As Şifa Construction, which always plans environmentally sensitive projects, we have achieved high customer satisfaction by successfully completing many build-sell projects since our establishment. The projects we implement contribute to the development of Northern Cyprus, while at the same time creating added value.

If you would like to review our build-and-sell projects whose sales are ongoing or completed, you can visit the Our Projects page.

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